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Pesukei Dezimra (Hymnal Verses) פסוקי דזמרא

Pesukei Dezimra also called “Hymnal Verses” are praises that are recited during Morning Services.


Rabbi Jose said: "May my portion be among those who complete Hallel every day."
- Is this possible? For the master has said: "He who reads Hallel every day is a curser and blasphemer!"
- It regarding Pesukei Dezimra. Shabbat 118b
Babylonian Talmud, says,
A person should first recount the praise of the Holy One, blessed be He, and then pray. Berakhot 32b


The order suggested here does not reflect any particular tradition.


We suggest to use most popular traditional songs and praises.

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Prayer Requests
תפילות רשות

Prayer is a conversation between Adonai and humanity. We however, are not in a position to initiate this conversation. For our prayers to be heard, we must first hear him. In Hebrew usage, to hear means not only to listen, but also to obey.

The Book of Proverbs [28:9] teaches,

“He who turns his ear from hearing Torah, even his prayer is an abomination.” Personal prayer is also an occasion to involve one another in our deepest concerns. The Talmud teaches [Bavli Chulin 78a], “Whoever has something happen to him needs to inform many, and the many will beseech mercy on him.”

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Torah Scroll Procession



As the Torah scroll makes its way among the congregation, it is customary to accept God’s gift of his word with a kiss. Kissing is an ancient Middle Eastern gesture of respect. In deference to its sacred character, we do not touch the Torah scroll directly. It is common practice for worshipers to touch the Torah scroll indirectly with a handy object such as a book and placing a kiss on that. After worshipers have pledged obedience with a kiss, it’s customary to join the procession. This symbolizes our readiness to follow God’s word.

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Aaronic Blessing

ברכת הכהנים


In our congregations, Oneg Shabbat with potluck very often follows the end of the worship. That is why we combined Aaronic blessings which concludes the worship with Kiddush.