Written by: Daniel Gordan

A New Heaven and A New Earth

Revelation 21

In this video lecture, we explore Chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation, delving into the profound vision of a new Heaven and a new earth. Beginning with a reflection on the creation narrative in Genesis, we examine the culmination of God's plan, where sin and its consequences are eradicated and universal harmony is restored. Our focus shifts from material concerns about New Jerusalem’s architecture to the heart of John’s revelation: the joyous reality of God dwelling among His people. We consider the significance of overcoming sin and the active role required of God's followers in this world. Through the teachings of Yohanan (John), we confront misconceptions about divine forgiveness and eternal salvation, emphasizing the necessity of faith and righteousness. Join us as we uncover the hope and transformative promise of Revelation 21, inviting believers to live with unwavering faith and anticipation for the new creation.

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