Jewish Leap Year


Written by: Erin Parfet
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calandar leap monthUnlike the leap year in the Gregorian calendar, which is limited to adding one day at the end of February to compensate for imprecise astronomical and mathematical delineations of time in human calendars, the Jewish leap year has an interesting variation of a whole extra month added. The Jewish calendar tends to be known for its accuracy compared to other calendars.

Mission from the Remnant to the Remnant Part I


Written by: Alexander Bolotnikov
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Our mission to the Jewish people presents a unique challenge and opportunity for Seventh-day Adventists as well as for other Christians. Since the expansion of the British Empire began in the 19th century, Protestant Christianity has understood its mission as going out to bring the gospel to the different corners of the globe to the people who do not have knowledge of the Bible.

Mission from the Remnant to the Remnant Part II


Written by: Alexander Bolotnikov
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Aren’t we supposed to look at Jesus and not at people?

Unfortunately, as early as the 3rd century, the church adopted many traditions that grossly misrepresented the gospel truth and the teaching of Jesus. The list of examples includes:

Noble Moses


Written by: Daniel Gordan
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Often, a person asks God for one thing but does not receive exactly what is desired. However, after people analyze God’s answers to their prayers, they discover that God is wise and all-powerful. They realize that Adonai knows better what they need.

The example of Moses in the book of Exodus clearly demonstrates how this principle works.

Not Just a Matter of Taste


Written by: Jacques Doukhan
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The Example of Daniel

Nebuchadnezzar knew that the best method to alienate Jews and transform them into harmless puppets was to change their diet. It is through eating and drinking that the king would try to shake their Jewish identity.