Hanerot Hallalu


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The Hanerot Hallalu (“these candles”) often proceeds Chanukah candle lighting and blessings partaken in during synagogue services or even in the home. Hanerot Hallalu can be either recited as a prayer or sung as a song, depending on the format in which a congregation or family chooses.

Heavenly Sanctuary in Rabbinic Literature


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The nature of the sanctuary represents a major fundamental issue that separates Seventh-day Adventist theology from the mainstream of Christianity. The structural similarity between the Eastern Orthodox cathedral and the Jerusalem Temple is emphasized as proof of the church’s representation of Jerusalem on this earth. 1

Israel and the Church


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Early Christianity and its significance for Seventh-day Adventist theology

Early Debates and Their Impact on Seventh-Day Adventist Theology 

The role of Israel in the plan of salvation and in present-day events presents one of the most hotly debated topics in Christianity. Throughout the two thousand-year history of Christianity, this debate has continued. This discussion is deeply rooted in the historical events that occurred during the period of the Jewish-Roman wars between the destruction of the Temple (70 AD) and the Bar Kohba rebellion (136 AD).

Israel Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


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A Jew meets Christianity

It was a beautiful summer Sunday in 1985. My friend Victor and I, two high school students, lazily strolled through the streets of Kiev, trying to kill a few hours before boarding our train home. Suddenly we heard very unusual sounds for our ears—singing coming from one of the distant corners of the square. When we came through the arch, we arrived at the doors of a Russian Orthodox cathedral.

Jesus the Jew


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An interesting story happened more than 100 years ago in Germany. Rabbi Abraham Geiger presented a book that described Jesus in the context of Judaism. For the first time in almost 2,000 years of difficult Jewish-Christian relations, a rabbi opened the Gospel, examined it, and expressed a positive opinion about Jesus.